Unalakleet Woman Assaults Husband then Escapes Custody, Charged with Assault/Felony Escape


On Saturday, Troopers, while patrolling in Unalakleet, were flagged down by a female on the roadway, who advised them that her husband was driving drunk around town.

That person, identified as Beverly Masters, appeared to be highly intoxicated. Troopers would soon locate the woman’s husband and perform a traffic stop. Troopers would observe that the husband was sporting a fresh black eye.

AST would open an investigation that would lead to the arrest of B. Masters on charges of Assault IV DV. She was subsequently transported to the Unalakleet Police Department. While there, she would complain to troopers that she was suffering from anxiety and requested to see a health aide.

When the Aide arrived, Masters was let out of her cell. As the Aide was looking Masters over, Masters ran from the building and down the street. After making it a few hundred yards down the street she was apprehended and taken back to her cell.

She was further charged with Felony Escape III.