UPDATE: Missing Woman beneath Ice of North Fork Eagle River Trail Identified, Search Continues

UPDATE: AST has identified the woman in the river ice incident as 45-year-old Eagle River resident Amanda Richmond. The search for her remains continue Tuesday.

ORIGINAL: The Alaska Dive Search, Rescue, and Recovery Team and troopers continue their search for a missing woman who disappeared beneath the water near the North Fork Eagle River Trail on Saturday afternoon. 

The Anchorage Police Department contacted troopers about the missing woman at 2:15 pm on Saturday and AST launched a helicopter to take on the aerial search while Wildlife Troopers took up the initial ground search.

According to the report a man and woman were walking their dogs along the trail when one of the dogs went into the water and the woman went after it. But as she was attempting to retrieve the animal she unexpectedly went below the surface of the water and did not re-emerge.

The search continued through the remainder of Saturday and were restarted on Sunday. Divers searched beneath the ice throughout the day.

The search and recovery will begin again on Tuesday.