USCG Jayhawk Hoists Skipper from Foundering Gillnetter North of Port Moller

Location of Port Moller and incident area. Image-NOAA charts
Location of Port Moller and incident area. Image-NOAA charts

The Coast Guard reports that they hoisted a fisherman in distress from his vessel on Tuesday 14 miles north of Port Moller.

According to the report, the 43-foot gillnetter, Transit, ran into problems and began foundering in the surf 14 miles to the north of the small community and fishing port of Port Moller. The skipper of the vessel launched two flares, which caught the attention of two other vessels in the area. The two vessels attempted to affect a rescue, but were thwarted by the high surf, and could not reach the vessel.

A Biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game became aware of the situation, and alerted Watchstanders at the 17th Coast Guard District Command.

A MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter was launched out of Airstation Kodiak. It traveled to the scene, and once there, hoisted the distressed skipper from his vessel. He was transported to Port Moller with no injuries reported.

“This mariner aided his rescue by wearing a survival suit, using a signaling device and staying with his vessel,” said Lt. Dan Hendricks, command duty officer for the 17th District. “Those three elements combined with the prompt notification by the Fish and Game biologist allowed us to remove him from harm’s way.”