Alaska State Troopers Detain Anchorage Escapee after Glennallen Incident

Alaska State Troopers responded to the scene of a disturbance at a trailer at mile 186.5 of the Glenn Highway in Glennallen after a caller reported the unfolding incident.

The caller reported that 36-year-old Ricky Laupola was high on Methamphetamine and was destroying the trailer as well as a vehicle parked there.

As troopers approached the residence, they could hear the sounds of items being smashed. When Laupola saw the troopers, he moved towards them with his arms raised up holding a large hammer in one hand and a large carpenter square in the other. 

Troopers were able to subdue Laupola and detain him.

A check of APSIN would show no wants, but further investigation would find that Laupola was wanted for  Escape II from the Glennwood Center in Anchorage on July 11th.

While being held at the Alaska State Trooper Post in Glennallen, Laupola got increasingly violent and began smashing himself against the holding cell door, damaging the door frame. Laupola was subdued through the use of a taser. 

Troopers placed Laupola in restraints and transported him to a more secure holding area at the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility in Palmer.

Laupola has several items on his criminal record, most notably, he was convicted in 2008 of robbing Rippie World armed with a sawed-off shotgun. During that incident, Laupola pulled a shotgun out and demanded the shop’s money. The clerk escaped the store and ran to the Tesoro next door where the clerk called 911.

Meanwhile Laupola smashed the glass case and made off  with the cash-box.

Anchorage police would locate Laupola hiding in the woods nearby in that incident. He would be convicted of Armed Robbery and Misconduct Involving Weapons III-Prohibited Weapon.

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In this case, Laupola was charged with two Felony counts of Criminal Mischief III and one count of Criminal Mischief IV as well as Escape.

At arraignment in District Court on Wednesday, Judge Jeanaire Wilkinson ordered Laupola’s bail be set at $20,000 and a Court Approved Third Party Custodian.