Alaska Wildlife Troopers Investigate September Moose Hunting Violations in Mat Valley

On Monday, Alaska Wildlife Troopers revealed that they are investigating moose hunting violations that occurred in the Matanuska Valley in mid-September and have seized equipment in the violation as the investigation continues.

Troopers received multiple complaints on September 21st reporting the violations. Multiple witnesses were contacted and interviewed and troopers were told that two hunters had, while out hunting, killed three moose, then drove a FAT truck, which is similar to a Sherp, into the area. But, they got the vehicle stuck.

The hunters then drove a bulldozer onto the public land to pull out the vehicle and retrieve the illegal moose.

On September 22nd, troopers flew into the area aboard HELO 5 and located the kill sites. They landed at the location and made contact with one of the hunters.

“On September 28, 2022, Wildlife Troopers executed four Search Warrants on the suspect hunters and a local business,” troopers said. The Wildlife Troopers seized the FAT truck, bulldozer, and both trailers. They also seized other items related to the investigation and the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Conservation were notified of the violations.

Wildlife Troopers are seeking additional information from the public concerning the incident. Tips can be submitted at (907) 352-4501 or anonymously through the AKTips online at