Anchorage Driver Backs Over Patrol Vehicle in Attempt to Evade Monday


An 11:58 am response to a report of two individuals passed out in a vehicle on the 1400-block of Twining Drive would escalate when the driver of the vehicle woke up and elected to attempt to evade officers, APD reported on Monday.

APD says that the officers were setting up a  traffic stop on the reported vehicle when the driver, later identified as 31-year-old Alex Fox Jr, woke up and decided to drive away with his passenger, a female whose name was not divulged. But, when Fox turned the corner at Twining and Miley, he saw patrol vehicles setting up. He attempted to elude APD and backed up on top of the hood of one of the patrol vehicles.

On top of the other vehicle, Fox’s vehicle was now rendered immobile. But, instead of giving up, Fox ignored commands and a pepper spray warning was issued. That warning was ignored as well. The female passenger exited the vehicle and was taken into custody for questioning.

Pepper spray was introduced through an open window but Fox continued to refuse to give up. K9 warnings were issued which were also ignored and K9 Rylin was released. Entering through the open window Rylin latched onto the suspect’s arm prompting him to comply and he was taken into custody.

After being medically evaluated for both the K9 bite and pepper spray, Fox was remanded. “Fox faces multiple assault charges, a charge of Criminal Mischief I and Criminal Mischief III, and Vehicle Theft I” APD stated. They added, “He also had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants.”

The female passenger was released without charges. 

The damaged patrol vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

By just after 2 pm the area was cleared.