Anchorage Man Arrested for Breaking into Home Twice in a Week

K9 "Kenai" and his handler, APD K9 Officer Scott Huston. Image-APD
K9 “Kenai” and his handler, APD K9 Officer Scott Huston. Image-APD

Anchorage police arrested an Anchorage squatter on burglary charges after he broke into the same house within days on the 1500-block of Medfra Street this week.

The investigation began on May 13th after a contractor called in to report a break-in at that address on Sunday night. He reported that he had trespassed 34-year-old Jarrell E. Grundy from the property on May 7th. During the investigation and interviews with people in the neighborhood, They found that the back door to the home that the contractor was renovating had been forced open. Neighbors reported that they had observed Grundy breaking into the home on Sunday. “No one was found inside but there were signs that someone had been squatting there recently,” APD stated.

An arrest warrant was issued for one count of Burglary I.

Then on Tuesday, a neighbor called in and reported that Grundy had returned and had entered the home again. Officers responded and set up a perimeter around the house. Police observed a male in the home and ” A K9 handler made multiple announcements stating that anyone inside needed to come out or they risked being bit by the K9,” police reported.

They received no response and so loosed K-9 “Kenai” into the home. Within moments, “Kenai” began barking and officers entered the structure. They would find that Grundy was on the top floor of the house. Grundy was given commands to give himself up, which Grundy again ignored. After being warned that “Kenai” would again be released, Grundy gave himself up and was cuffed and arrested.

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During the cuffing procedure, officers would observe that Grundy was bitten when “Kenai” initially entered the building. He would be taken to a local hospital for treatment of his dog bite. After treatment, Grundy was transported to and remanded at the  Anchorage Jail on the burglary warrant and an additional Burglary I charge as well as Resisting Arrest.

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