Aniak Man Racks up Charges Between Holding Cell and Court

alaska crimew-cuffsAccording to the trooper dispatch, an Aniak man racked up multiple charges as he was being collected from the holding cell in Aniak to attend his arraignment for charges of Violating his Conditions of Release and Resisting Arrest.

On Sunday, as Aniak-based troopers went to retrieve Andrew John Jr of Aniak from his cell to attend court in that community, John became combative and assaulted two state troopers. After assaulting the troopers, he pushed his way past, fled the holding cell as well as the trooper post. 

His freedom was short-lived however, John was apprehended after a short foot chase.

As a result of his ill-conceived plan to be free of the law, John would be charged with two additional counts of Assault IV, Escape IV, Resisting Arrest and four additional counts of Violating his Conditions of Release.

John was arraigned on the additional charges on Monday.

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