UPDATE: Barricaded Escapee in Elim Surrenders to AST

Alaska State Troopers report that the subject of Tuesday’s “barricaded suspect” incident occurring in the village of Elim has surrendered.

Kyle Jemewouk, age 34 of Elim had been sought by troopers since his escape from the community’s holding facility during a telephonic arraignment on felony Assault-DV charges stemming from a Saturday incident.

After his escape from the holding facility, Jemewouk went to his residence and briefly barricaded himself in his home before leaving the community on a four-wheeler. He had armed himself with a sword and a knife at that time.

Jemewouk later returned to the community and locked himself inside his home. On Monday, Jemewouk left his house and troopers who responded to the village, located, and attempted to arrest him outside of the community clinic, but utilizing a truck, an ATV, and a boat, Jemewouk was able to evade AST. He was observed to be armed with two knives at that time.

On Tuesday morning, troopers received information that Jemewouk had returned to Elim and had once again barricaded himself in his home. Troopers determined that Jemewouk, still armed, was alone in the dwelling.

AST says that after they established communications with Jemewouk a peaceful resolution to the situation was negotiated and the suspect surrendered to troopers.