Boat/Truck Jackknife near Beluga Point, End up in Ditch

A Ford pickup towing a 29-foot boat jackknifed on the  Seward Highway on the outskirts of Anchorage near Beluga Point as it traveled southbound on the highway AST says.

According to the report, 63-year-old Robert Bornt was driving his Ford F-350 with a 29-foot boat in tow when he encountered a left turn at that location. Bornt reported that his rear tires lost traction and caused the vehicle to swing around in the opposite direction. 

The momentum of the towed boat pushed the vehicle backwards into and across the northbound lane of travel and into the ditch. Both the vehicle and the boat sustained substantial damage, troopers reported.

Vulcan Towing responded to the scene to tow both from the scene.

No injuries were reported.