One Response to Bristol Bay Tribes Oppose EPA Move to Eliminate Protections for Bristol Bay

  1. Taipei101

    Jul 12, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    About time we stopped the transfer of well regulated American mining to highly polluting China.

    Globalists have been spreading biased and distorted propaganda against Pebble for a decade. The mine can be made safe and will not pollute a Bay that is 100 miles away and no where near Salmon streams. In addition, the Pebble Partnership will restore far more streams than those few miles lost to ensure safety.

    Also, tailings are solid rock. And the technology exists to prevent any runoff… which even if it would occur… would have no impact on the massive Bristol Bay’s salmon populations.

    Globalist have stopped at nothing to secure cheap labor and unregulated mining in China and other developing nations. About time we have the Supreme Court, Congress, EPA and presidency in place to make sure this mine gets fast tracked.

    US national mineral resource security depends on this mine. Do you part and help counter the environmentalists who do not realize fighting this mine ensures higher global pollution because equivalent mining capacity will be developed by nations who do not care about the planet.