Charges Forwarded to DA after Disturbance Call Investigation


Troopers say that charges of prostitution have been forwarded to the District Attorney’s office in Ketchikan as the result of a disturbance call on Thursday night.

A call went in to Saxman-based troopers at 10:06 pm on Thursday night from a residence on the 2500-block of Eagle Avenue in Ketchikan and troopers and VPSO responded to investigate. The investigation at the scene revealed that a 63-year-old male that called in the complaint was upset because a 56-year-old female had absconded with his $100 instead of performing sexual favor as they had agreed.

Troopers say that “The male was upset because the female left the residence with his money.” 

The female was contacted later and green to return the man’s money.

“Charges of Prostitution are being forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office on both Parties,” according to the trooper report. The identities of both parties were not publically revealed.