Citizen Caller Thwarts Counterfeiter in Fred Meyer Parking Lot

Counterfeit bills
Counterfeit bills

A call-in to the APD dispatch on Wednesday at 8:31 am on Wednesday inadvertently thwarted at least one suspect from possibly passing counterfeit bills at businesses in the Northern Lights area APD said today.

The caller reported suspicious activity that may include drug usage in the Fred Meyers parking lot on Northern Lights.

Police responded, located the vehicle, a Toyota Scion, and contacted the four individuals inside. After conducting interviews with the occupants, two females were released while one, 27-year-old Robert R. Rice, was arrested on three unrelated outstanding warrants.

Police observed the fourth individual, 25-year-old Christopher Toves, moving currency bills from his pants pocket to his jacket pocket, then upon getting out of the vehicle, accidentally dropping some of the bills in the snow. [xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]Officers, when picking the bills up from the snow, noticed that the ink was running on the currency. At the same time, a small baggie was observed stuck to the outside of Tove’s pants. Police seized the baggie and field tested it for possible drugs. It was found to contain methamphetamine.

Toves was placed under arrest, taken to the station for further questioning by APD, and the United States Secret Service. As a result, $1,200 worth of $50 and $100 bills were seized and Toves charged with Forgery I, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance and Violating Conditions of Release.