Customer Aids Mountain View Gas Station Manager in Arrest after Attack by Suspect

Holiday Gas Station on Mountain View Drive. Image-Google Maps

Holiday Gas Station on Mountain View Drive. Image-Google Maps

A serious Tuesday morning altercation at a gas station in Mountain View caused injuries and resulted in the incarceration of an Anchorage man APD reported.

According to the investigation, police were notified of a fight that had taken place at the Holiday gas station at 4627 Mountain View at 10:45 am on Tuesday morning. After their arrival, the investigation at the scene would reveal that Anchorage man, 36-year-old Loel D Schmidt had gone into the store that morning and pocketed a pop tart without paying for it.

When the store manager confronted Schmidt about the pilfered goods, Schmidt proceeded to headbutt the manager taking him to ground. Once the manager was down, Schmidt commenced choking the manager and at one point pulled out a pocket knife and attempted to open the blade.

Another customer in the store came to the manager’s aid and helped to subdue and hold down Schmidt as the police were contacted.

After personnel arrived at the gas station, the manager would be transported and receive treatment for neck injuries.

Schmidt was taken into custody and transported to the Anchorage Jail and remanded there on charges of Robbery II, Assault II, and Concealment of Merchandise.