Elderly Dillingham Boaters Back Home after Short Search

rural trooperAn elderly Dillingham couple were located successfully after a short search south of Portage Creek on the Nushagak River this weekend.

Troopers report they were notified that Dillingham residents Wassillie, 85, and Lena Kapotak, 84, were overdue from a skiff trip to Portage Creek and New Stuyahok from Dillingham on Sunday. The caller, their daughter, reported that the two had left Dillingham at 4:30 pm on Sunday, and at 9:30 pm, they had not arrived at either destination. The daughter reported to troopers that she had tried repeatedly to contact the elderly couple via VHF, but was unsuccessful in raising them.

Troopers, with the assistance of Bristol Bay Air, flew the Nushagak River and discovered the two boaters about 6 miles south of Portage Creek. The boaters and their vessel had become stranded on a sand bar, and had to wait for the tide to change before freeing themselves.

Wassillie and Lena made their way back to Dillingham where they were met by family upon their arrival. Both reported that they were in good health.