Fairbanks Caller Requesting Police Presence Jailed on Trespassing Charges

Troopers responded to a Fairbanks apartment on Monday after receivingĀ  “911 call from a female stating she required police at an apartment in Fairbanks.”

Upon arrival at the location, troopers initiated an investigation and found that the caller, identified as 24-year-old Autumn Bailey had “failed to leave a residence where she had no legal right to be,” and so was advised that she was being placed under arrest for criminal trespass.

Upon being informed of that, Bailey actively resisted and attempted to shut the door on the troopers, but still was successfully taken into custody.

TheĀ  investigation also found that Bailey was violating conditions of release in a previous court case. She was also charged with that as well as Resisting Arrest, Criminal Trespass I.

She was jailed with no bail pending arraignment at the Fairbanks Jail