Fairbanks Man Shoots Unarmed Man over Dumpster Fire Friday

The Fairbanks Police Department reports that an unarmed man was shot and killed in the 1st Avenue/Cushman area of downtown Fairbanks in a 2:25 pm incident.

After the 911 call came into the Fairbanks Emergency Communication Center, officers responded to the location along with the Fairbanks Fire Department. DPS and other Court Services Officers also responded on foot from the courthouse nearby after hearing the shots fired.

The victim, later identified as 26-year-old Rolando Pressley, was found lying on the sidewalk unresponsive with several gunshot wounds. Lifesaving efforts were administered and he was transported to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.   

Matthew Lee Myers, age 42, was immediately taken into custody and a Glock 9mm pistol was seized from him. Officers would also locate eight expended cartridge casings on the ground.

Myers told investigating officers that he had seen Pressley start a dumpster fire earlier in the day and it upset him so he grabbed his pistol and left his residence to confront him. Myers said when he caught up to Pressley later and yelled at him about the fire, Pressley turned around and lunged at him. He stated, “he took his gun out of his holster and shot the victim multiple times, aiming center mass, and continued to shoot after Pressley was on the ground.”

Witnesses in a nearby building also said that they observed Myer shooting Pressley and continuing to shoot Pressley after he was on the ground. Pressley was unarmed.

Myers was transported to Fairbanks Correctional where he was remanded on charges of Murder I.

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FPD advises that “Anyone with information regarding this homicide should contact Detective Rob Hall at rhall@fairbanks.us or 907-450-6468.”