Fairbanks Troopers Thwart Chena Hot Springs Road Mail Theft Incident


AST on patrol along the Chena Hot Springs Road thwarted a mail theft crime between Smallwood Drive and Jamal Drive during the early morning hours on Monday with and two individuals were observed, “sprinting away from the row of mailboxes on the north side Chena Hot Springs Road.”

Troopers watched as the two individuals climbed into a white Pontiac Grand Am and the vehicle drove off down the Jamal Drive. Troopers took up pursuit and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and found three males inside. They also found mail addressed to a residence on Smallwood Drive wrapped around the rear antenna and spoiler of the vehicle. Additional mail to a Funk Road address on the floor in the rear of the vehicle.

Troopers identified the passenger in the rear of the Pontiac as 41-year-old Troy Towse. The investigation on Towse led to his arrest on charges of Misconduct Involving Controlled Substance IV, False Report, Probation Violation, and three Felony no bail warrants.

Towse was transported and remanded to the Fairbank Correctional Facility on the charges. The other two occupants were released at the scene. Theft charges are pending for all three individuals.

The mail and vehicle were both seized in the investigation.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to call the Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks at 451-5100. Additionally, anyone who notices their mail has been stolen is encouraged to call the Postal Inspector at 1-877-876-2455.