Intoxicated Man Arrested after Discharging Firearm through Ceiling into Upstairs Apartment


APD arrested an Anchorage man on several charges after a Sunday evening call-in reporting a bullet entry and exit in an apartment on the 7500-block of Foxridge Way.

The caller reported to police that she was alerted to a noise at around 5 pm that evening then heard her downstairs neighbors having a conversation on the balcony below her apartment. The complainant said she was initially unaware about the bullet holes until she noticed them four hours later. She called it in at about quarter past 9.

Police investigated the bullet hole then made their way down to the apartment below. Because the person’s vehicles were present in the lot they were sure that someone was at the apartment and so knocked on the door and received no answer. “When the officer knocked harder, the unlocked front door popped open,” APD reported.

With the door now open, police say they saw 30-year-old Daniel Cassidy sitting on the couch and also observed an empty holster and liquor bottles. Officers took him into custody and secured the scene until a warrant could be obtained.

When the apartment was investigated more thoroughly, officers would find the bullet hole in the ceiling, a spent shell casing and the pistol they determined was the weapon that fired the shot.

When questioned, Cassidy showed signs of intoxication. The female at the apartment was also questioned and told officers that she and Cassidy had been arguing and when she went into the bedroom heard the gunshot. She was not charged.

Cassidy was charged with Assault II, Misconduct Involving Weapons II, Misconduct Involving Weapons IV, Reckless Endangerment and Resisting Arrest.

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