Joseph Gust’s Remains Recovered from the Nushagak River

Joseph Gust. Image-FB Profiles
Joseph Gust. Image-FB Profiles

Almost three weeks after he disappeared into the Nushagak River, the remains of Joseph  Gust were retrieved after his body was found floating several miles downstream from where he was last seen.

J. Gust’s remains were found on Saturday. Dillingham and wildlife troopers responded to the scene and made the recovery. His body was sent to the State Medical Examiner’s office in Anchorage for autopsy. 

The skiff that Michael Gust, age 42, and Joseph Gust, age 33 of New Stuyahok had gone out sportfishing on the afternoon of July 10th, was found going in circles just downstream from Ekwok on the morning of July 11th. 121 hours later, Michael Gust arrived in the village but Joseph was not with him.

Searches went on for days with no results. Joseph’s remains would ultimately be found by a passerby on the river.