MH-60 Blackhawk Blows Down Fort Hunter Liggett Tent, Injures 22 Soldiers

Location of Fort Hunter Liggett in California. Image-Google Maps
Location of Fort Hunter Liggett in California. Image-Google Maps

22 soldiers at Fort Hunter Liggett, 250 miles northwest of Los Angeles, were injured when a MH-60 helicopter came in for a landing on Wednesday night and in the process blew down a tent at the training camp, the U.S. Army reported.

According to the report, the Blackhawk helicopter’s rotor wash caused the tent to collapse at 9:30 pm on Wednesday night. An Army spokesman said that of the 22 injured, most were treated for minor injuries at the scene while two were flown to the Community Regional Medical Center’s trauma center in Fresno while two others were transported by ambulance to a hospital in Templeton.

The incident occurred while thousands of Army, Navy, Air Force, Army National Guard, Army Reserve and Canadian Armed Forces were taking part in Combat Support Training Exercises at the largest U.S. Army Reserve Command Post in the nation.

There were no reported fatalities in the incident.

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