MH-65 Chopper Crew Hoists Fourth Patient in Seven Days from Cold Bay Area


Once again, the crew of the Air Station Kodiak MH-65 Dolphin helicopter forward deployed to the USCG Cutter John Midgett took part in a medevac and hoisted a crewmember from a fishing vessel in the vicinity of Cold Bay.

For the fourth time in seven days, the chopper was launched in response to an injured crewmember, this time to the 210-foot F/V Ocean Rover located 65 miles northwest of Cold Bay on Monday.

The helicopter launched on the recommendation of the duty flight surgeon after the vessel alerted Juneau watchstanders that they had a 57-year-old crew member on board who had severely injured his finger.

The Cutter Midgett was 35 miles southeast of the Ocean Rover at the time of launch. Once plucked from the vessel, the crewmember was flown to Cold Bay and turned over to a Guardian Flight crew who further transported him to the Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage.

“This same helicopter crew has now conducted four medevacs over the past week in the vicinity of Cold Bay,” said Chief Petty Officer Michael Haselden, command duty officer for the case. “Having this helicopter crew deployed in the Bering Sea with Coast Guard Cutter John Midgett was a strategy that paid off tremendously for the fishing fleet. The cutter crew has worked tirelessly to support the helicopter crew, providing opportunities to land and refuel as necessary.”