Ninilchick Woman Found Deceased in RV after Concerned Family Calls in

Alaska State Troopers responded to a location in Ninilchik after receiving a call from family members of 58-year-old Kathy Vancleve concerned that she may be deceased inside of her RV.

When AST arrived at Vancleve’s property on Saturday, they located her RV. AST reports that there was a man in the RV. He refused to come out and was uncooperative. As a result, Southern SERT was activated and the unit responded to the location to assist.

The man continued to be uncooperative and would not respond to verbal commands. AST would apply for a search warrant for the RV. Once obtained, the RV was entered and searched. Inside, they would locate a highly intoxicated man.

Troopers would also locate Vancleve deceased inside the RV.

Because of his high level of intoxication, the man was transported to the Central Peninsula Hospital for medical treatment.

Soldotna’s General Investigative Unit was dispatched to the scene to take over case responsibility and they processed the scene.

The investigation into the death of Vancleve is continuing.