Pagopago Beefcake Lelilio Convicted of Attempted Murder of Police Officer

30-year-old Pagopago Lelilio. Image-FB Profiles
30-year-old Pagopago Lelilio. Image-FB Profiles

Anchorage resident, Pagopago Beefcake Lelilio, age 30, was convicted on several charges, including Attempted Murder of a Police Officer after an Anchorage trial presided over by Superior Court Judge Erin Marston, the Anchorage District Attorney’s office revealed.

Prosecutors laid out the scenario at trial and stated, that, “on July 17, 2017, APD received a report of a gunshot on a residential street in Mountain View. Officers arrived on scene. As they began to investigate and secure the area, Lelilio jumped out of a parked truck and began running away. Lelilio continued to run as multiple officers commanded him to stop.”

As two officers gave chase, a third officer cut him off and two of the officers were able to take Lelilio to ground. During the struggle,  Lelilio accessed a .40 caliber pistol in his pocket and fired off a round. The officer reported that the round hit so close that he felt dirt spray in his face from the bullet strike.

Following the discharge, officers managed to pin Lelilio’s wrist to the ground as Lelilio worked to gain control of the weapon. The third officer deployed his taser as a fourth officer, who joined the take-down, grabbed the pistol away.

As a result of his conviction on charges of Assault III x2, and Misconduct Involving a Firearm (Lelilio is a convicted felon) and Attempted Murder, Lelilio is scheduled to be sentenced on February 21, 2019. He is being held in the Anchorage Correctional Center awaiting his sentencing date.

He faces a maximum sentence of 99 years on the attempted murder conviction and five years maximum on each of the other charges.

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