Remains of Missing St Marys Toddler found in Creek

rural trooperA two-year-old toddler was found dead in the creek in St Marys after he went missing on Saturday afternoon, the trooper dispatch reports.

A missing persons report was called in to the Alaska State Troopers in St Marys at 3 pm on Saturday afternoon to report that two-year-old child, Wiley Tall, was missing and hadn’t been seen since approximately 1:30 pm. The child’s mother, Krisiane Bell reported that the child was wearing a green shirt and blue shorts and had been playing in the backyard.

Troopers and village volunteers initiated a hasty search upon receiving the report. An Alaska State Trooper aircraft was also diverted to assist in the search, but the Cessna 182’s pilot and a trooper spotter were unable to locate the missing toddler.

At 7:30 pm, searchers began searching a creek near the home. At 8:03 pm, searchers discovered the young toddler submerged in the creek under an sunken wood pallet troopers report.

Authorities notified the State Medical Examiner’s office in Anchorage and they requested that the young child’s remains be sent for autopsy.

Troopers say that they did not uncover any signs of foul play.