Three Arrested at 10th Avenue Address Following Anonymous Tip


After receiving an anonymous tip that a subject of felony and misdemeanor warrants was at a residence on the 1400-block of West 10th Avenue, officers responded to the residence on Sunday evening.

Upon their arrival at the address, police observed two women sitting inside the home and so knocked on the door but did not receive a response. After shining a flashlight through the window, one of the women, later identified as 45-year-old Hilda Hawley, came to the door.

When asked about Peters, Hawley “became agitated” and shut the door. When that officer was at the front door, a second officer heard banging coming from the garage just before that door opened and Peters stepped out. When given commands, Peters stepped back inside the garage and shut the door.

After additional commands to give up were ignored, APD applied for and obtained a search warrant.

With warrant in hand, officers along with a K-9 unit made entry and took Hawley and the second woman, identified as 59-year-old Emma Porter, into custody on charges of Assist Person to Avoid Prosecution.

A search of the residence commenced with the K-9 unit. K-9 ‘Alex’ soon alerted officers to a crawlspace hatch beneath the kitchen table. Once the hatch was removed, officers found Peters below. He crawled out and he was taken into cusody. He was arrested on his warrants as well as an additional charge of Resisting.

Peters was remanded to the Anchorage Jail. Hawley and Porter were also held until sober, then released.