Three Arrested at Chuck E Cheese after Walmart Shoplifting-Turned-Robbery Incident


Anchorage police responded to the Walmart Supercenter at A Street and Benson on Saturday after a shoplifting incident quickly turned in to a robbery to investigate the incident, APD reports.

The robbery was called in and a description of the suspects and vehicle were given to APD. APD was informed that the female suspect had concealed merchandise in her purse and was leaving the store when contacted by three Walmart employees in the shopping cart area between the inner and outer exits from the store.

Instead of giving up the merchandise and herself, she pulled a handgun from her purse and, holding off the employees, exited the store and climbed into a white SUV and fled the area.

Officers en route to the Walmart would locate the suspect SUV parked in the Chuck E Cheese parking lot at 308 East Northern Lights. Officers entered the business and spoke with employees that informed them that three individuals had arrived in the SUV and had gone into the restrooms.

As police went to the area outside the downstairs woman’s restroom, one of the individuals who matched the description of one of the suspects exited the restroom. The initial investigation would determine that the woman, identified as 21-year-old Chardonnay Carlton, was not involved in the robbery, but would find that she had a Quest Card in her possession that did not belong to her. She was arrested and charged with Theft-Access Device.

The upstairs restroom upstairs was checked next and officers would find Tacie P. Chaison, age 38, there. Police quickly matched her to the person who shoplifted and pulled the handgun on the Walmart employees. A search of the restroom would turn up a syringe that contained a substance that tested positive for heroin.

The man, identified as the driver of the SUV was found standing outside of the upstairs men’s restroom and was also taken into custody.

When officers returned to the downstairs restroom where the two female suspects had been initially, they would locate the clothing originally worn by the women and tags to the clothing stolen from Walmarts. They would also locate the handgun hidden in the restroom’s sanitary napkin disposal bin.

The driver, identified as 25-year-old Trevon D. Chaison was charged with Hindering Prosecution I and an existing felony probation warrant.

Tacie Chaison was charged with Robbery I, Assault III x3, Theft IV, and Misconduct Involving Weapons-Felon in Possession.

All three suspects were transported to the Anchorage Jail where they were remanded. The vehicle was impounded. Inside the vehicle, a puppy was found. It was turned over Animal Control.

APD says that drug use was a  factor in the incident.