Togiak Man Jailed on Murder Charges for July 11th Homicide


The Togiak suspect involved in the death of another in that community was remanded to jail in Anchorage following his release from the hospital on Murder I charges troopers revealed on Friday.

It was on Thursday, July 11th, that Togiak-based trooper, Daniel Sadloske, responded to the sounds of shot-fired in that community to find Togiak resident 61-year-old Samuel Brito laying on the ground in front of a home and a second man, identified as 34-year-old Richard Sears standing nearby with a firearm.

Trooper Sadloske ordered Sears to drop the weapon, Sears did not comply. The trooper discharged his weapon wounding Sears. After shooting Sears the trooper administered first aid and administered a medevac to have Sears taken for medical treatment in Dillingham.

A State Trooper from Dillingham along with Wildlife Troopers secured the scene and the Bureau of Investigations responded to investigate the incident. Sadloske was put on mandatory 72-hour leave following the incident.