Troopers Search for, Find Intoxicated, Suicidal Woman in Woods behind Healy Bar

Alaska State Troopers responded to the 49th State Brewery in Healy after receiving a 2:35 am call of a highly intoxicated, suicidal woman who had run off into the woods behind the bar.

Friends of the woman called in the report after looking for, but were unable to find her.

When troopers got to the scene, they were able to locate her in the woods about a quarter mile from the bar. When found she was “passed out, highly intoxicated, and initially unresponsive,” according to the AST report online. They were able to successfully get her out of the woods and detained her for transport to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Troopers say that while they were dealing with the original incident call, they were notified of another person that had gone missing during the search for the woman. 

As they completed the original search, they took up a search for the second individual. During that time they also encountered two persons on a four-wheeler trying to get it started. Troopers observed that because of intoxication, were having difficulty staying vertical on the ATV and so took their keys away to prevent them from driving away drunk.

Troopers would eventually find the missing searcher passed out in a vehicle in the parking lot.

Transportation was secured at a local place to sleep it off and sober up.