Two Arrested in Kiana on Various Charges after Noise Complaint

image17-03-2015 07.55.41Northwest Arctic Borough Village Public Safety Officers investigating a loud noise complaint in the community of Kiana would make two arrests on a variety of charges early Sunday morning.

Troopers responded to a residence in Kiana at 2:25 am, where they contacted 22-year-old Kiana resident Devin Mackenzie. When they contacted Mackenzie, the officers say that Mackenzie lunged at them threateningly, which resulted in the officers placing Mackenzie under arrest on charges of Assault IV on a Police Officer.

As the VPSO was struggling with Mackenzie on the ground, 18-year-old Christina Westlake injected herself in the struggle by placing her body on Mackenzie as the struggle continued. As a result, Westlake was also placed under arrest for Resist or Interfering with Arrest as well as Minor Consuming Alcohol. As a result of her arrest, Westlake was also charged with Violating Conditions of her Probation.

According to the the trooper dispatch, Mackenzie also tried to leave the detention area after his arrest and so was also charged with Attempted Escape IV.

Mackenzie and Westlake were transported to the Yukon Kuskokwim Regional Jail where they were remanded on charges pending arraignment.