Two Men Gun each other Down During West 29th Gun Deal Sunday

Anchorage police report that the homicide investigation opened after two individuals were found dead from gunshot wounds on the 2800-block of West 29th Avenue on Sunday evening has determined that the two men shot each other and both died from their injuries.

APD responded to the location at 5:10 pm on Sunday evening after receiving a shots-fired report. When they arrived at the scene they discovered two men shot and killed near a vehicle in the street. Both men were pronounced deceased at the scene.

A crime scene van and APD’s Homicide Unit responded to the scene and opened up an investigation. West 29th between Turnagain and Wisconsin Streets was closed down as the investigation ensued. It was determined that the two men had met up to facilitate a gun deal and got into an argument that resulted in the men opening fire on each other.

Officers stopped one vehicle and the driver was temporarily detained but then released after it was determined that he had no involvement in the incident.