Two Rescued from Swamped Boat on Koyukuk River

ruraltrooperAlaska State Troopers and a Maritme helicopter successfully rescued two boaters that had swamped in their boat on the Koyukuk River on Wednesday.

The AST-Cold Foot Post received the report of the two stranded boaters on Wednesday and a trooper with that post departed via state aircraft and was able to locate the boaters who were located on the North Fork of the Koyukuk River in the Gates of the Arctic National Park.

As the location of the stranded men was inaccessible to the trooper, contact was made with a maritime helicopter passing through the area. The helicopter pilot was able to hover over the swamped boat and the boaters were able to board the helicopter.

The helicopter pilot took the boaters to a nearby gravel bar and the trooper transported one of the boaters, while the helicopter pilot transported the other. Both went to Coldfoot.

The boaters have been identified as Fred Ned SR, age 68 and Oscar Penn, age 21 both of Allakaket.

Troopers report that “Arrangements are being made with the National Park Service about removing the boat.”