Two Young Children Start Grayling School on Fire

image11-09-2014 07.04.40Criminal charges of arson were referred to the Bethel Department of Juvenile Justice against two children, a six-year-old male, and a seven-year-old female, on Monday.

The charges stemmed from an incident in Grayling that occurred on Monday evening. The two children had set the David Louis Memorial School in Grayling on fire.

City officials and community residents responded to the school almost immediately and put out the fire. Troopers say an exterior wall, a steel door, and two Windows were damaged as a result of the fire and efforts to put out the flames. The school also suffered minor smoke and water damage. Officials estimate Damage to the School at Less Than $20,000.

Alaska State troopers in Aniak were notified of the fire at 7:08 PM on Monday by phone. 67-year-old Rodman Weston of McGrath reported that he had received information from Grayling.

The trooper investigation into the incident would find that the two children were “directly responsible for intentionally setting fire at the school,” trooper’s report.

The Office of Children’s Services were also notified of the incident.