Anchorage Police Investigate Oregon Drive Shooting, One Adult, One Child Injured

After APD swing shift officers had responded to and were investigating a call-in from a location on the 3200-block of Oregon Drive on Monday evening, they heard shot-fired nearby and went to a location around the corner to check it out.

When they arrived at that new location they saw a black SUV that had crashed into an apartment building. Inside that SUV, they would discover two of the three passengers on board had been injured from gunfire. The two victims, an adult male and a young female child, were treated by the officers until medics could arrive and transport them to a local hospital.

There were no injuries sustained to individuals inside the building the SUV crashed into, even though the investigation found that one bullet had penetrated into an occupied apartment.

APD says that they are still trying to determine a motive for the incident as well as the number of suspects involved and ask that anyone with information regarding this crime, to include surveillance footage of the area, is asked to call Police Dispatch at 3-1-1 (option #1).