Bruce King Finally Caught after Attempting another Vehicle Theft

Bruce King was arrested following another attempt to steal a vehicle on March 12th. Image-APD
Bruce King was arrested following another attempt to steal a vehicle on March 12th. Image-APD

A suspect that Anchorage police have been actively seeking for almost two and a half months, was apprehended after a brief foot-chase on Sunday night, APD said in a Nixle release on Monday.

37-year-old Bruce King has been sought since he stole a vehicle that had a toddler on board on January 1st. That day, he had jumped into the 2012 Nissan Sentra that had been left idling on McCarrey Street in Mountain View not knowing that there was a child in the back in a car seat. King would drive the vehicle as far as the Brown Jug Liquor Store, then abandon the vehicle behind the store with the toddler still inside.

After that incident, Felony warrants for Vehicle Theft and Reckless Endangerment would be issued for his arrest.

Five days later, King struck again. This time, he stole a blue Dodge Dakota from a driveway on Boniface that had its engine running. King and another person were located in the stolen truck on Hoyt Street by the owner the next day.

When police arrived and attempted contact, the female passenger complied and got out of the truck, but, King attempted to speed away. He got stuck in the snow and fled on foot.

As police patrolled the area in search of King, they came upon an individual checking their mail at an array of mailboxes. That person walked over to speak with the officer, but as he did so, King sprinted from hiding and jumped in the vehicle and began driving off. The owner of the vehicle attempted to stop King, but King began hitting the owner and drug him for a distance with the vehicle. The owner let go and King sped off. As a result, a $20,000 warrant for his arrest was issued for King, this time for two counts of Assault III and two counts of Vehicle Theft.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]On Sunday, an alert citizen called in to report a vehicle prowler on Spenard Road. Police were informed that the suspect was riding a bike, had a shovel and was checking vehicle doors. It was reported by the caller, that the suspect, who would later be identified as King, jumped into the caller’s vehicle and attempted to drive away. He was unsuccessful, and fled the scene.

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After officers arrived and spoke with the complainant, they began combing the area for the suspect and soon an officer saw a person fitting the description of the suspect on Spenard and Wyoming. When contacted, King provided the officer with a false identity. The officer, leery of King’s reply, began to question the suspect further about his identity and King began to walk away.

When another patrol vehicle arrived at the scene, King broke into a run in an attempt to escape the law yet another time. Officers gave chase and as King ran away, his facemask fell down and officers realized that the suspect was the man that they had been seeking for two and a half months. The officers caught up to King and took him down on a snow bank on Oregon Street.

Once again queried as to his name as the officers and King walked back to the patrol cars, he once again lied to the officers. He would be ultimately identified at the police station through a positive fingerprint match.

King was arraigned in all cases on Monday and remains in custody.

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