Convicted Contraband Smuggler Sentenced in Another Contraband Case on Thursday

Inmate, 31-year-old Joshua Jacob Reed, a four-time felon with 14 prior convictions, was sentenced on Thursday in federal court on his conviction of attempting to smuggle drugs into the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility in Palmer in February 2017. 

Reed was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison. That sentence will be served following the completion of a current sentence for a trying to smuggle drugs into the Goose Creek Correctional Center in January 2016.

Reed’s co-defendant, and girlfriend, was previously sentenced on September 24th for her part in the smuggling conspiracy. Olivia Danielle Blake, age 27, was sentenced to five months in prison and three years of supervised release for distribution of a controlled substance.

In court, it was revealed that Blake attempted to smuggle drugs into the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility on the day that Reed was to stand trial for his previous smuggling charge. Reed had instructed Blake to smuggle heroin, meth, and Buprenorphine, which is an ingredient in Suboxone in clothing being brought for him to attend court that day.

Blake went to Walmart at 4:30 am on February 28th and bought shoes and other articles of clothing and hid 2.6 grams of Methamphetamine, .41 grams of heroin and the Buprenorphine inside the new pair of shoes and placed the items in a bag and dropped them off at the facility.

But, the smuggling plot was uncovered when correctional personnel detected the odor of glue coming from the shoes and subsequently found the drugs hidden there.

Prior to this incident, Blake had no criminal history