Dustin Badillo Sentenced to 127 Years for 2015 Crime Spree

23-year-old Dustin Badillo was sentenced to 127 years in prison on Friday. Image-APD

23-year-old Dustin Badillo was sentenced to 127 years in prison on Friday. Image-APD

The man responsible for a two-day crime spree in April of 2015 has been sentenced in Anchorage court for his criminal actions, Anchorage police reported on Nixle on Friday.

23-year-old Dustin Badillo, who was convicted of 20 counts in a four-week trial, on charges that included three counts of kidnapping, one count each of sexual assault in the first and second degree, nine counts of robbery in the first degree, three counts of burglary, one count of vehicle theft in the first degree, one count of assault in the third degree and one count of misconduct involving a weapon in the third degree. As a result. Badillo was sentenced to 127 years in prison.

It was on April 22 of 2015 that Badillo went into a woman’s garage as she was buckling her children into their seats in her vehicle. He took out a gun, and at gunpoint ordered her to go into her house, leaving her children behind in the car.

After entering the home, Badillo burglarized the house, then twice sexually assaulted the woman. He also burglarized an attached but separate residence.

After the sexual assault and burglaries, Badillo forced the woman to to drive him around Anchorage for several hours, going to ATM after ATM and also to the bank to withdraw money for him. He also forced his victim to go to stores and buy items for him. After several hours, Badillo allowed the woman and her children to leave the vehicle. She immediately contacted police to report the extended incident.

The next day, a man, his daughter and her children had gone home after a day of work, to find Badillo running from their residence and down an alley. They tried to confront the suspect, but, Badillo drew his firearm and pointed at them before fleeing. 

The police were called, and responded to find Badillo as he was attempting to flee.

During sentencing, Judge Saxby listened as four of Badillo’s victims addressed the court. Noting the number of victims, as well as the length of time Badillo went on the crime spree and the sheer amount of charges he was convicted on, determined that it  was necessary to protect the public from him.

Judge Saxby also sentenced Badillo to a further ten years of suspended time and ten years of probation. If Badillo survives his 127 year sentence, he must also register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life.