Fairbanks Vehicle Thief Busted Second Time on Same Day after Jail Release


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 44-year-old Fairbanks man who was arrested on Wednesday morning driving a stolen Sierra still wrapped in its shipping wrap was out of jail and back to work stealing vehicles again by Wednesday night according to the trooper report on the dispatch.

It was at 10:33 pm that troopers received a call reporting that a man was attempting to steal a commercial 18-wheeler with a trailer attached from Airport Equipment and Rental on Van Horn Road. 

Multiple units responded to the call and arrived at the scene as the semi was pulling out of the lot. As the 18-wheeler pulled out, it almost collided with one of the responding troopers.

The vehicle drove off with troopers in pursuit. But, as the chase progressed spike strips were deployed effectively bringing the semi to a stop.

The suspect was identified as 44-year-old Jerry Lee Green. Records show that Gree had been arrested for vehicle theft a scant 19 hours prior by AST after he was caught driving down the same road in a brand new GMC Sierra still wrapped in shipping wrap.

When taken into custody in the 18-wheeler theft, Green was still wearing the yellow Fairbanks Correctional Center-issued jumpsuit. A search would also find that his court release paperwork was still in the pocket of the jumpsuit.

Green was once again remanded to FCC on charges of Theft I, Vehicle Theft I, Felony Elude and Evade I, Violation of his conditions of release and Reckless Endangerment x4.