Felony DUI, Endangering Charges Leveled at Kodiak Woman

Troopers responded to a Kodiak liquor store on Friday night after receiving a report of an intoxicated driver trying to buy alcohol from the store, the trooper dispatch revealed.

After troopers arrived at the liquor store at approximately 10 pm and initiated an investigation, they contacted 28-year-old Briana Brown. It was determined at that time by troopers, that Brown had indeed been intoxicated when driving, and so was charged with DUI. 

This was Brown’s third DUI, making this charge a DUI. It was also found that Brown had a child in her vehicle at the time of the offense, and so garnered Endangering the Welfare of a Child I as well.

Troopers transported Brown to the Kodiak Jail, where she refused to supply a sample of her breath for the Data Master, and so the charge of Felony Refusal was also added.

She was held without bail pending arraignment.