Fugitive from Justice Shot in Leg During North Pole Car Theft Attempt

Troopers say the investigation into a vehicle theft gone awry with shots fired that resulted in yet another capture of a fugitive from justice from the state of Texas is continuing.

AST revealed on Thursday, that they received a call at 7:16 am on Saturday from a homeowner off of Faultline Avenue in North Pole that he had shot one thief in the leg and was holding another at gunpoint.

Troopers and Fairbanks police responded to the scene and took one of the suspects, a juvenile, into custody, and found that the other suspect, fled the scene with a wound to his leg.

Ten minutes later, another call came in reporting that the other suspect, suffering from a gunshot wound, was in the hallway of the Middleton Avenue apartment complex, trying to gain entrance into an apartment there.

AST responded, located the suspect, identified as 18-year-old Conner M. O’Neill, detained and held him until emergency personnel could arrive and transport him to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injury.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]Further investigation found that O’Neill was a fugitive from justice out of the state of Texas.

The investigation into the case is still on-going, troopers report.