K9 ‘Midas’ Apprehends Burglary Suspect at Sitka Street Recycling Center in Anchorage


Recycling center on Sitka Street in Anchorage. Image-google Maps
Recycling center on Sitka Street in Anchorage. Image-google Maps

A call-in to APD dispatch at 12:31 am on Wednesday morning reporting a burglary in progress at Central recycling on Sitka Street in Anchorage prompted a response by APD officers, police report.

The owner of the business told police that they could, via their surveillance system, see someone inside the interior of their business.

Officers responded and set up a perimeter and closed in on the building. They observed that a door had been forced open and moved back to look for different points of entry. When officers moved back from the door, the suspect, later identified as 32-year-old Jered R. Lowe, shut the door and engaged the deadbolt.

After an employee arrived and provided a key for the deadbolt, entry was made to the building, a group of officers that included K9 “Midas” and the canine’s handler, began clearing the building. Several announcements went unanswered. The officers progressed through the building and in the back encountered a closet with its door closed and barricaded.

The door was breached and K9 warnings were issued, but, still went unheeded. “Midas” was released, entered the room and immediately made contact with the suspect, latching onto his leg. the suspect immediately complied with further commands and was taken into custody.

During pat-down, Lowe was found to have several credit cards not belonging to him. He was treated for his dog bite at the  scene, but then taken to the hospital for further treatment. Following his release from the hospital, Lowe was questioned by detectives.

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Following questioning, lowe was transported to the Anchorage Correctional Complex and remanded there on charges of Burglary II, Criminal Mischief IV, Resisting, and three counts of Theft II.