Kodiak Man Arrested for DV Assault found to be in Possession of Heroin and Ecstasy

Alaska State and Wildlife Troopers contacted a Kodiak man in a vehicle at the Mill Bay Beach parking lot on Thursday to find that he had an outstanding arrest warrant on DV-Assault charges according to the trooper dispatch.

When troopers identified 30-year-old Jacob Macomber, he was found to have that warrant and was immediately placed under arrest. During the arrest procedure, Macomber was revealed to be in possession of a small amount of heroin.

As the investigation continued, AST would also find more heroin as well as MDMA (Ecstasy) inside of his vehicle.

Macomber was transported to the Kodiak Jail and remanded there on charges of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance II and III as well as his Assault IV-DV warrant.

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