Man, Woman Arrested after Suspicious Vehicle Call-In on 74th

Following the report of a suspicious vehicle at a business parking lot on the 1200-block of East 74th Avenue on Wednesday afternoon, patrol officers responded to the area.

Once there, officers located the vehicle that was reported in the complaint and went to make contact with the occupants. They discovered a male and female passed out in the vehicle and observed that the ignition of the vehicle had been “punched,” and had a tool sticking out of the ignition mechanism.

Officers woke the driver, who was later identified as 37-year-old Rodrick D McCright, and he got out of the vehicle. When asked McCright gave the officers a false name and as officers continued to question him, he broke into a run and attempted to get away from the officers.

He was quickly taken to ground but continued to fight. McCright was given commands to comply but continued and so was tazed. He did not succumb and instead attempted to escape a second time and was again tazed. The second tazing still did not deter McCright and he continued to fight but was soon cuffed as he continued to be combative. The officer suffered a dislocated shoulder while scuffling with the suspect.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]The female passenger in the vehicle also provided officers with a false identity, but after being warned that in doing so she would face charges of false information, she identified herself as 37-year-old Melissa F Williams. It was found that she had a failure to appear warrant on the charges of Forgery II. She was placed under arrest.

McCright was transported to a local hospital and was medically cleared. Following his hospital visit, McCright was transported to the Anchorage Jail where he was remanded on a failure to appear warrant on the charge of Criminal Mischief III. He was additionally charged with Assault, Resisting Arrest and False Information.

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The vehicle was impounded for safe-keeping. It had not been reported as stolen.