Quinhagak Man Charged with Multiple Crimes after Escaping Community Jail

A Quinhagak man was re-apprehended and charged with multiple crimes that included escape and assault after escaping from custody in that village on Sunday, troopers reported.

23-year-old Michael Matthew was arrested for violating his conditions of release by not being within sight and sound of his third-party custodian at 9:15 pm on Saturday night. He was remanded to the Quinhagak jail, but on Sunday, broke out, damaging a door and door jamb in the process.

Once outside, Matthew stole a four-wheeler parked outside.

15 minutes later, Matthew was spotted walking through the village, when located by tribal police, he attempted to flee. But, police caught up with him and worked to apprehend him. During the arrest, Matthew placed a police officer “in fear of imminent physical injury,” and pepper spray was deployed. Following his arrest, Matthew was taken back to the jail.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]Matthew is now being charged with Escape III, Assault IV, Vehicle Theft II, VCOR, and Criminal Mischief V.