Remains of Fourth Member of the Heller Family Discovered in Wrangell Slide Area

On Sunday the Department of Public Safety announced that on Saturday the remains of a fourth victim of Wrangell’s horrific landslide had been recovered from the debris of the slide at mile 11 of the Zimovia Highway.

At 6:35 pm on Saturday evening, a Scent Detection K-9 indicated the location of remains in an area of the landslide debris, and with the assistance of an excavator, the remains of 11-year-old Kara Heller were recovered. She is the fourth member of the Heller family recovered from the slide area, 12-year-old Derek Heller still remains missing and presumed deceased.

The other victim still missing in the slide is 65-year-old Otto Florschutz. His wife was located alive in the upper story of the Florschutz home immediately after the devastating landslide.

“A scent detection K9 team remains on standby and will resume searching if new information or evidence leads to a specific search area,” AST stated.

Next of kin was notified of the discovery and the State Medical Examiner’s Office has been notified.