Shoplifter Charged with Robbery after Thrusting Scissors at Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer

An Anchorage shoplifter’s decision to brandish scissors at a loss protection officer at a local Anchorage store on Sunday resulted in charges of robbery and assault charges being leveled against him rather than theft charges upon his arrest.

APD was alerted to the incident from the Home Depot on Tudor at approximately 5:30 pm on Sunday evening and after receiving a description of the suspect, responded to the location at 515 East Tudor Road. As they were traveling to the store, one of the officers saw a man fitting the description given by store personnel walking on Tudor towards Juneau Street.

The officer activated his lights and pulled up next to the suspect who was trying to flee by climbing over a snow berm. But, the officer was able to stop the suspect from escaping apprehension.

Initially, the suspect gave the officer a false name but soon gave in and revealed his identity. 29-year-old Terry A. Rogers was confirmed as the suspect.

According to the report, Rogers was at the Home Depot using a pair of scissors to cut security tags off of merchandise. He was confronted by loss prevention and dropped the merchandise and thrust the scissors at the officer before running from the store. The officer said that the suspect’s actions with the scissors put him in fear of injury.

Rogers was charged with Robbery II and Assault III then remanded to the Anchorage Jail.