Suicidal Fairbanks Teen the Subject of Richardson Highway Chase

image28-04-2014 14.44.40Alaska State Troopers began searching for a Fairbanks teen at 4:12 pm on Friday afternoon. It was reported by trooper dispatch that 19-year-old Triston Edwards was reported to be suicidal and had cut off his ankle monitor that he was ordered to wear while on probation/parole.

Troopers searched for four hours for Edward’s vehicle, a 2001 gold Ford Escort, reported to be heading towards Delta Junction. At 8:14 pm, Edward’s vehicle was spotted heading southbound at milepost 297 of the Richardson Highway. When attempting to perform a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle, Edwards evaded troopers and continued southbound. 

A second trooper patrol vehicle was called out and that second vehicle laid down spike strips in an effort to bring the fleeing vehicle to a stop. Edwards hit the spike strips, but continued down the highway for an additional half-mile.

Edwards would then purposefully run the vehicle into the southbound ditch, and crashed near the intersection of Brewis Blvd and the Richardson Highway.

Delta Fire/EMS and Fort Greely Fire responded to the scene. Edwards was extricated from the vehicle and transported to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Troopers say that Edwards will be remanded and charged upon his release from the hospital.

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