Teen Arrested at Man Made Lake after Pulling Pistol at Campground

Alaska State Troopers assigned to the Bureau of Highway Patrol, Patrol, and Wildlife responded to Manmade Lake in reference to a disturbance call at 7:14 pm on Tuesday evening. The response resulted in one arrest troopers say.

Once at the lake, troopers opened an investigation that found 18-year-old Brandon Bahr had gotten into a confrontation at a campsite concerning his driving in and around the campgrounds. Bahr responded by getting out of his vehicle with a handgun. As he got out, he “racked” a round into the firing position of his firearm.

Despite fear of injury or death, the victim placed himself between Bahr and the others at the campsite.

Troopers made contact with Bahr at the location and took him into custody on the charge of Assault III.

AST says that everyone in the group at the campsite witnessed the incident.

Bahr was transported to the Mat Su Pretrial Facility and remanded there to await arraignment.