Wasilla Teen Suffers Fatal Fall in Hatcher Pass

Fishhook area of Hatcher Pass. Image-Google Maps
Fishhook area of Hatcher Pass. Image-Google Maps

A search for a missing hiker in Hatcher Pass turned in to a body retrieval AST revealed on Saturday.

Troopers received a missing person report late on Friday afternoon reporting that Wasilla teen Zachary Campbell was missing after going on a hike in Hatcher Pass. It was reported that he was in the Skyscraper Ridge area near Fishhook.

After the alert, “Multiple search and rescue assets from AST and Mat-Su Borough Emergency Services were deployed to the scene,” troopers reported on the trooper dispatch. Campbell would be found deceased below an elevated position on the ridgeline and it was determined that he died in a fatal fall.

His next of kin were on scene and notified.

Campbell’s remains were transferred to the State Medical Examiner’s office in Anchorage.

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