Witnesses Help APD Locate and Apprehend Reckless DUI Driver

Anchorage police say eyewitnesses were instrumental in locating a DUI suspect and his subsequent arrest late Friday night.

APD received a call at 11:53 pm on Friday night reporting that a man driving a Subaru had run into her vehicle on the 600-block of F Street then drove away without stopping. That caller was able to furnish the department with the vehicle’s license plate number.

10 minutes later, at 1206 am, another caller reported that a Subaru, traveling outbound on the Glenn Highway “was weaving all over the road and had gone into the ditch at least twice,” APD reported. That caller stayed on the line and kept officers updated with the situation, and just before the police arrived on the scene the caller reported that the Subaru had crashed into the ditch near the Arctic Valley exit.

By the time police arrived, witnesses had pulled over at the crash site. When officers made contact with the driver of the gray 2008 Subaru’s driver, identified as 38-year-old Edgar A Corona and began speaking with him, they noticed signs of impairment. Police also saw heavy damage to the passenger side of the vehicle as well as a broken wheel and airbag deployment.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were administered, which Corona failed and he was taken into custody on DUI and Reckless Driving charges.

APD opened an investigation concerning the hit and run involving the original caller and found that Corona had been driving the wrong direction in the one-way alley on F Street when he ran into the caller’s black Jeep as the Jeep was exiting the parking lot. He then drove off without stopping.

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Corona was additionally charged with leaving the scene of a crash.

During processing at the jail, Corona provided a breath sample and he blew over two and a half times the legal limit.